Resize the column in header row

How to change the column height in header row...at the same time the words inside the header row should not be hide ?

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Hi Arvindh,

Could you please be more clear about your problem/question like what  scenario you want to implement in your app and which problem you are facing doing what?

If you provide us sufficient data, it would be helpful for the community members to provide you a desired solution.

Thanks and Happy Coding!!

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Hiii Shweta Gedam,

I'm using in traditional web, I need to change the table header height and width dynamically when I drag the container and words inside the container should not be hide.


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If you are using Table Records, To change the columns height of the header row, put the following CSS in your screen where you are using this table.

.TableRecords .TableRecords_Header{

 height: 48px; //enter your custom height here


Hope this would be helpful, Thanks :)