I have developed, Traditional Web Application and want to restrict it to Intranet?
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.8 (Build 37957)

I need to restrict access of my application to intranet

1. Where can I find that request is coming from which IP.

2. which IP I need to allow to access to my application.

3.In case of VPN how we can restrict application to VPN 

4. My application is on outsystems cloud server

5 Last how can I test this.

Please advice

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Please refer to this link

But I'm not sure how Outsytems to determine what Ip is intranet when using VPN.

Hope it could help you.

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Thanks Tom for your answer.

But I have explored this already and we have to go for few more thing because if I set this property my application is still accessible over internet.

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Sorry, You already mentioned you are in a cloud environment.

This official document says the function only applies to on-premises installations.
For OutSystems Cloud installations, contact OutSystems Technical Support.

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Hi Gireesh,

In addition to Tom's suggestion, kindly refer to this documentation as well.

Set up a VPN to your OutSystems Cloud - OutSystems .

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Thanks Chris for your help. This looks helpful for me to at least setup the VPN. Let me try to get this done.

Thanks Again