500 Internal Server Error on Ideas page


I get an error when writing the title of an idea and then deleting it.
That is, if I clear the input title the error happens.
Is this already known?

Hi Asaph,

It happens to me too.

I have made the OutSystems team aware of this issue.

Thank you for reporting.

Hi Asaph and Huarlem,

It looks like it was momentary issue, since I able to open the page without any issue. Could you please check now? It might be there were some updates made at the idea section and at the same time you have tried to access it. :)

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hello Sachin,

I still get the error.

See the gif below.

Hello Huarlem,

I am not sure why you are getting this error, since I did not see any issue in adding new idea screen. 

Could you please try to log out and log in again? Before that please try to delete the temporary files and clear the cache of your browser?

Edit : Looks like I got when you are getting the error. It is when we are deleting the entered data from the title input box and clicking outside of that box it is giving that message.

We will report the same to OutSystems support team to look into and resolve.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


I did it, everything was clean, different browsers, the error continues.
Note, the error only happens if you clear what was written in the title.

Thanks for giving a try! You are not the only one who is getting this error. It looks like this is an issue on idea section for all the members. 

Hello  Asaph Patel, 

this error is Coming from the API, when not get any response from that server, that time this error occurred ,if server is down or not in the working state than this error will come, try after some time. your error will be solved

Thanks and Regards,



Hi Asaph,

It happens to me too. Maybe it's a bug. Hope they will fix it soon.

Kind Regards

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