SAP & Outsystems integration- Consume SAP Remote Functions test data needed
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Hi, As part of POC development, we are required to integrate Outsystems with SAP . But we do not have any SAP environment / system placed. We just want to test Outsystems & SAP integration test. Can any one please let us know, SAP test Connection details like SAP Router String, App Server, instance Number, System ID and other login info. with client details? Thank in advance!


Hi Mahesh,

If you don't get an SAP API ready to be consumed, on this link you can see tips on how to create an SAP account and consume with Outsystems.

I hope it helps.

Best Regards.

Hi Agno Silveira, Thank you for your reply.

At first stage of connecting to SAP , we need to have SAP Router String and Application Server and other mandatory details. Inorder to fill these details,  any SAP test data values available? Thank you.


I believe that the best way is to request SAP credentials for the client that will be made the POC. If he does not have SAP, the correct thing would be to create an SAP environment / endpoint.


Hi Mahesh

if I understand you correctly. You don't have SAP but want to do connect test.

If so, I afraid it's not possible. It like you want to connect a database, but you don't have a database server.

Kind Regards,

Hey Mahesh,

did you succeed in setting up your SAP test environment?

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