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Hi ,

I'm trying to dynamically change the header of datagrid. If I collapse the column, the height of the header row alone must expand making the header text visible. Basically, according to the width of the column the height must change. 

Hello Balaji,

You want to autoSize the width of a column, am I right?

For this you can use the command below:

GridAPI.GridManager.GetActiveGrid().grid.autoSizeColumns() // This will autosize the whole grid

GridAPI.GridManager.GetActiveGrid().grid.autoSizeColumn(0) // This will autosize just the column available on index 0

PS: The grid variable will change to provider on the next release.

Can you create an idea here? If the feature is upvoted we will for sure consider to open a better way to auto size columns.

Kind regards,

Ricardo Valim

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your response. It's not actually autosize of width of a column. If I reduce the width of the column, it must wrap the header text and increase the height of header row dynamically.

For example, assume the header row height as 50px and a width of one column in it as 50px. If I reduce the width of the column down to 25px, the height of the entire row must change to 75(apprx). 

Hi Balaji,

Now I understand you, I will try to achieve it here, but probably we don't have this feature (yet).

Hope to get back to you soon.


Ricardo Valim


After analysis we end-up opening an issue for the development team. This issue comes from a third part framework that we use to render the grid, and we have to wait for the fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Ricardo Valim

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your time and let us hope if a solution comes up for it.

Regards ,

Balaji Vinayagamoorthi

Hi Balaji,

For sure we will have a solution!

I would suggest you to register the requirement as an idea here. I saw you found the way by JavaScript but maybe the team can make things easier to turn on this feature.


Ricardo Valim

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