I just stumbled across this platform today.  I'm excited about the possibilities, and I'll evaluate it as fast as possible.

Coupla quick questions:

1.  The web service video shows the service method returning a single value.  Can it grow up to - returning a list of objects?

2. How can I see who else is developing with this in the U.S.?    It would be great to network with them.

Thank you.
After doing some lessons:

Wow for:
1. Amazing potential in a very unique product
2. The guided tutorials - the most excellent I have ever seen.


Welcome to the OutSystems Community - we're happy to know your doing good progress with the Platform.

We have a growing community of developers here in the US. I'm a part of the US Delivery Team for OutSystems, and will be happy to exchange experiences of how to leverage the amazing potential of the Platform. Also, we have several customers who have trained, experienced developers that can work wonders with our software. Finally, a growing number of individual members are also picking up on this (until now) "hidden gem".

If you look in the forums, you should be able to find several US based people to talk to. We're also thinking about starting a Bay Area meetup for OutSystems developers - interested?

Have fun,

Thanks for writing.   Anybody or groups closer to the east coast?   :)

Not to my knowledge - want to start one? :)

If I could connect with other US Northeast region users, I absolutely would start one.
Frank -

I am in the southeast (South Carolina). I'd be glad to help you out, maybe spend some time on the phone and do a screenshare and walk you around a living, breathing application.

Thanks, Justin.   I'll take you up on that.   As soon as I finish the Developer 1 material, let's do that.
Frank -

Just send an email to justinjames [at] titaniumcrowbar.com when you are ready. :)