Pagination is not working for few pages in the list
Service Studio Version
11.10.7 (Build 37469)

Hey Team ,

I'm facing an issue with Outsystems UI Page Navigation widget .  I have shown a list of records in my table and have set max records as 5 per page .

Issue : When I try to navigate across each page , in middle 4 pages are not working (pagination is not working and aggregate is not refreshing as well).

This functionality is working fine with development environment , but the issue arises in test environment. Also when I try to sort the table pagination works fine.

Kindly provide your inputs on the same,



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HI sowndarya b,

Are you using any Site Properties on that configuration?

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Hey Kadu,

Thanks for the response. No , we are not using any site properties.

This issue is only arising in my stage and test environment.



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Hi sowndarya b

It's difficult to find the problem only from your description.

Could you share the oml file? 

Kind Regards,