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Published on 2013-06-02 by Gonçalo Borrêga
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Published on 2013-06-02 by Gonçalo Borrêga
Hi Pedro,

When i configure WebPart to access /SPRecruitment/candidate_list.aspx i get '401 - Unauthorized' error. Missing something? Sharepoint 2010 server and Agile Platform server are not in the same domain, is this a problem?

By the way, how can i configure users in Enterprise Manager to login as Integrated Authentication? 

João Fonseca
Hi João,

Sorry for taking so long to reply (by now you may have solved your problem already...).

Reading your post I guess the issue is that the browser is not exchanging the integrated authentication credentials with IIS correctly.

Having the SharePoint server and the Agile Platform in different domains is in fact the recommended option. We do recommend that you place them under a common parent domain (otherwise you may face cross-site scripting issues) but I wouldn't expected a 401 because of this.

Could you describe a bit better what setup/scenario you are testing?

All the best,
Hello Pedro,

No, unfortunately i'm still stuck on it. 

I think the problem lies in eSpace. When trying to access the application (http://localhost/SPRecruitment/) I get an error Error message 401.2.: Unauthorized:Logon failed due to server configuration. Verify That You have permission to view thisdirectory or page based on the credentials you supplied and the authentication methodsenabled on the Web server. Contact the Web server's administrator for additional assistance

SiteProperty IntegratedAuthentication_Login of EnterpriseManager is set to true but "windows security" popup is never shown. How can i resolve this? 

By the way, the setup is. Two machines, machine1.mydomain.com (with SHP2010 installed) and machine2 (this one whit agile platform).

João Fonseca
Hi João,

It looks like there is a problem with the configuration of the website/vdir. 

Please Check that Windows Authentication is enabled and the providers correctly configured:

Please check both SPRecruitment and SharepointAdapter vdirs.

Let us know if this solves it for you.

Best Regards
David Nunes

Hello David.

Thanks, in fact yout tip resolved part of my problem.

Yes, now the popup asking credentials appears but i can't login. The EnterpriseManager SiteProperty IntegratedAuthentication_Login is true. I've read EnterpriseManager Technical Note but without result.

UnregisteredHandler.Preparation don't run so EnterpriseManager integrated authentication isn't used.

João Fonseca

I'm still having problems with this.

Right now i can access outsystems application on sharepoint site. Integrated authentication works fine. 

But, to get it to work on sharepoint site, i have to login twice. One for sharepoint server and other for agile platform server. I guess i have to use kerberos but i'm stuck on it. 
Other thing, using SharePointAdapter.EmbedScreenSharepoint disables every post on my application.

Any help?

By the way, i'm using version of agile platform. 

João Fonseca
Hi João,

If you are login in from a computer in the same domain as the server using IE you probably shouldn't even have to login once.
Check if IE considers both the servers as in the intranet zone (Appendix 4.1 of the technote).
For more information on being prompted for integrated authentication check this page .

About posts being disabled, the integration was not designed for 4.2 but I'll try to help.
Are you setting the documentDomain argument on the webblock ?
Can you check the javascript console of your browser and see if there are any javascript errors that may be stopping javascript execution?
What browser are you using ?

Best Regards
David Nunes

Is there a way of passing parameters between other webparts and the application pages?
The connections option on the OSWebPart is grayed out.

Hi All,

I wanted to integrate Sharepoint in OutSystems. I just downloaded files from the following link.


I got following files/OMLs.

1) OSWebparts.WSP
2) PDF
3) SPRecruitment.OML

We try to publish the OML file . But we got the reference errors.

Please find the reference attachment and advise to go for the next step.


Hi Himanshu,
The error you are experiencing is due to the lack of some dependencies that need to be installed for you to proceed.

One of those dependencies is Enterprise Manager another  is the Sharepoint Adapter which is missing from the zip file but is available from the previous version (1.0) that you can get from here.

Please make sure you publish Enterprise Manager and the Sharepoint adapter and then re-publish the recruitment example.

Best Regards
David Nunes

the integration was not designed for 4.2 but I'll try to help.

Are you setting the documentDomain argument on the webblock 

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