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I am start using "Data Grid Reactive", and i already make some mockup data and set the source, and works fine.

My question is: how to control the pagination and load the data every page when user clicks.

Why i am asking: when the source assigned to grid, it loads full data, in my case it should be millions of data, i cannot load once on onload.

Is possible set the source on every page(in my case i need to call some service to get 30 records per page).


Hello Balu,

We don't offer a server side processing (yet).

I appreciate if you could register your idea here.  This way we can better track the necessity of our clients.

Thanks for bringing this up

Ricardo Valim

Hello Balu,

Currently the data grid need to receive all data to the client to be able to execute the functions like filter, sort and group without round trips to the server.

We are considering to add the ability to do some of these operations server side.

Can you please let us know what kind of functionalities you need in the grid, if you have the possibility to use server side? Is is pagination, filtering, sorting? What about grouping?


Bruno Martinho

Hi Bruno,

Even we are stuck in a similar scenario, where we are supposed to show 100k+ records in the grid, and we feel pagination is the one feature which would fix this as there will be some initial data to be shown to the user and the required data can be fetched as needed (instead of waiting till the grid gets complete data).

But, when Pagination is implemented in the component (which I believe would be available in near future), does the filter conditions works out on the entire data set? (in this case 100k+ records). It can show the distinct values, upon selecting, it can make a call back to fetch those required data only.



Hello @Somesh Renganathan 

We are still analyzing the requirements for the server side pagination. One of the biggest challenges is how to deal with building the filter. Currently we have all the data, so we can make a distinct and fill the list of possible values. Having pagination on server side, the question is how to create that list? Do you see, has a possibility, that in case of server side pagination, the possible filter would be only by condition and not by value?


Bruno Martinho

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