Licensing / Versions

Licensing / Versions

I hope you don't mind the questions as I try to race through getting familiar with everything.

Am I understanding correctly that:
1.  Your revenue comes from support and from the hosting / cloud services?
2. Community Edition apps can run on a locally managed server without purchased cloud services?

If that is true, I think that's a great way to engage customers.  But - and other customers are going to yell at me  :)  - you Should
get revenue even when you're not hosting the apps.   The free model is wise during development and testing, but if someone actually
deploys a community app in some commercial setting, you should be able to get some revenue from that.   And I would think
most developers/companies would not object.
Hi Frank,

By all means, feel free to ask away - that's what we're here for!

In regards to the first question, let me clarify. OutSystems develops the Agile Platform - a development Platform which manages the full end-to-end web application lifecycle, and allows for fast development, rapid change, and above all, making IT's lives easier :)

Simplifying our answers, OutSystems' revenue comes from Agile Platform's licenses, as well as selling IT Professional Services, in case our customers require more experts resources to help them with their projects. While these services we sell may be support-related sometimes, they are most of the time focused on application development.

We do not provide hosting nor cloud services. The Agile Platform can be deployed to a local server - i.e. dedicated server machines, VMs, or your home laptop - or to a machine in the cloud. The cloud is just another way to host the Agile Platform, and it is just an option we provide, although it is not related to our business per se.

Hoping that this makes it clear regarding the cloud issue, you touch on another topic which is licensing. We provide a free edition - our Community Edition - in which one can run applications locally, for free. We also have paid editions, and what varies between the free edition and the paid editions, and the vectors that influence the licensing prices are mainly scalability options (i.e. deploying to a server farm, for instance), size (i.e. the size of the applications that one can deploy and use), and number of application users.

I hope this makes it clear.

Regards, and Happy Holidays.

Paulo Tavares
Hello Paulo.

Just a question about the Community Edition. Can this version be used in a commercial scenario, or is just for local development and testing? I don't find any document about this.

Best regards, Tomás
Hi José,

The question is pretty vague, but yes, the Community Edition can be used for Production Environments, for sure. Its goal is to be tailored for a small company to run one or two small applications for their business, without any problem.

You can even read a case study about the Community Edition being used in such a scenario.

I hope this helps.

Paulo Tavares