[Users]Users app screen appears logged in with SAML2.0 of Users app
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.9.0 (Build 17011)


I'm using SAML2.0 of Users Module for web app authentication.

But, if I logged-in after standing for several minutes(maybe 3min.) after opening login screen,
screen of Users app appears instead of app I wanted to login.

So, I want to mean that I logged-in Users app instead of app I wanted to login.

Does anyone know why this happen?

Or which configuration item affects this?

If someone share the information, I'll appreciate a lot.

Hi Shinya.

Good morning!

Can you please share a screenshot of your configuration?

Or, where you able to follow thoroughly the below documentation.

[Users]Users app screen appears logged in with SAML2.0 of Users app | OutSystems 

Kind regards,


Hi, Christopher

Thanks for your cooperation.

Here's settings related to SAML that I found and using now.

Will it be helpful?

If there're any information needed, please tell me.

[Users apps authentication settings for SAML2.0]

[the Logic for using SAML at my App]


Hi Christopher,

I'm sorry to reply you so late.

Thank you for your information.

I'll check it and if there're somethig wrong, I'll try to correct it.



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