[Feature Toggle Management] Name and Description fields too short
Forge component by Experts
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Hi, this is a great component, however there are a few things that I wish we could be improved in a future version. It's a good thing that these components aren't "protected" as it makes it easy for us to customize it for our workflow.

- Name field is only 50chars, which is shorter than the key, and we often run in to the limit even when trying to describe features in a concise way. I've increased it to 250chars in our environment

- Description field is only 100 chars, which is less than expected when you use a multiline textarea for the UI, and not enough to provide a meaningful description. Name+description combined is shorter than Reason, which is 500 chars and uses a single-line input. I've increased it to 1000chars in our environment

- User story URL does not seem to be used at all. I've added a clickable link to it, so that the user can go directly to Jira, with no need to copy-paste the URL.

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