Flatten PDF with Form Fields
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.9 (Build 38644)

Does anyone have a solution to flatten the form fields on a pdf prior to downloading them on a traditional app? I have PDF's that get edited within the site. Prior to downloading the PDF, I need to flatten the fields so that 

  1. The pdf's include the filled field in a preview when it is downloaded
  2. The pdf can be merged with similar pdfs once it is downloaded ( the field merge on multiple pages)
  3. The data gets messed up when emailed after downloading

I am pretty sure that by flattening the form field on the pdf I will no longer have any of my issues.

Thank you in advance!

Hi max,

You can use forge components pdf helper for achieve this. 


Cv sharma 

PDF helper can merge the files, but I need the individual pdf to be downloaded. This downloaded file needs to have the filled-in fields as text on the pdf and no longer as a field. 


Sorry for the late reply, I just made a forge component which fetches editable fields, allows you to edit/fill in those fields and afterwards generate a binary where you have the option to flatten the PDF. (PDFSharp version was causing issues for me and causing crashes, so I made it based on iText#)


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