Image attached to Email issue

Hi all

I'm having an issue when I attach an image to an email and view it in my mobile (ios) email application

The attached image appends to the top of the message and in some instances each covers the text or goes behind the text. Neither of these scenarios is ideal as I'd like the image to stay at the bottom of the email. 

I've tried the different email layouts (ui flows) I even tried just using a container, but the issue with the image seems to persist. 

I'm attaching the image in the 'preparation' function of the email 

Is there any way to control where the attached image is placed (so that it doesnt cover text)

Thanks for your time


Hi fs_user,

Are you attaching the image as an attachment using the Attach File built-in action in Preparation?

Can you share some screenshots of your Preparation and what do you see in your Mobile?


Yes sir, just like that. 

This is what the image looks like in ios' email app. 

This behavior seems to be consistent across different ios devices as well


Also here's the preparation function screenshot.


Hi fs_user,

Good morning!

That seems to be an email platform thing not unless you reduce the file size of your attachment prior to attaching. I'm quite not sure if that is ideal or will it do the trick.

Can you please test it to other email platform on how it will look like?

Kind regards,


The issue seems to only happen on ios' built in mail app. emails look fine in outlook and android 

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