[Pushwoosh Plugin] MABS version 7 Pushwoosh 4.5.1 not able to generate
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Hey all,

We've recently come across an issue when generating our Android app on MABS version 7 using Pushwoosh version 4.5.1

Each time we try and generate it we get the following message:

Build failed with the following error: Error installing Cordova plugin: pushwoosh-cordova-plugin. Due to security concerns, the required dependency for the '/var/lib/builder/builds/d83d53f0-309e-4db3-a0be-cebc39a03e03/source/platforms/platforms.json' node module in a plugin hook was missing. For more details, check the product documentation on how to ensure your plugins node dependencies.

I've made a new Android app with only Pushwoosh referenced but I still get the same error as above.

Anyone else experiencing these issue?



Hi Dylan,

I had the same problem, got it solved by changing the MABS version that generates the mobile app. I was using version 7.0 and changed it to 6.3, which solved the issue. 

This can be done on Service Center -> Applications -> Your app -> Tab Distribute. Click in Configure (for the platform that you pretend, iOS or Android) and then you can change your MABS version (for that application).  

That is not a solution... We need to migrate soon our applications to mabs 7 and this will be a problem.

Hi Dylan,

We are aware of the issue, the task to fix it is already in our backlog, and it will be fixed with the next plugin release.



Hi Vitaly,

Can you please tell us when are you planning to release this fix? Because without it we wont be able to upgrade to MABS 7.0 and MABS6.3 expires at May 26th.


Best regards,

Ricardo Pires

Hey everyone,

The issue is fixed with the 4.5.2 plugin release.



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