How to refresh the contents of a web block (Traditional web)  from within a popup.
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Hi everyone,

I have a situation where I upload documents via a popup screen.

When the popup is closed , I would like to display the list of documents, included the newly uploaded one, as soon as the popup closes.

The list of documents are in a web block on the main screen, and its source is an export API which is called in the preparation of the web block.

I cannot seem to get the contents of the web block to refresh without having to refresh the browser for the screen preparation to run.

As a last resort, I have tried to navigate away from the main screen and directly back to it, but not even that worked.


Enclose the webblock in a container. (Give container a name). Change the button on popup as Ajax submit. Use ajax submit on logic of the popup button and give widget as the container name. Not sure if I am able to explain the solution properly, please revert if you need further clarification on this.



Hi Larissa,

Good day!

Can you share an OML?

Thanks and regards,



just refreshing the block itself won't do anything, of course.  

You'll have to re-execute a request to the source (some api if I understand correctly from your post)


If you refresh a webblock with an ajax refresh, the preparation should be executed again, and the data re-fetched.

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