How to refresh the contents of a web block (Traditional web)  from within a popup.
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Hi everyone,

I have a situation where I upload documents via a popup screen.

When the popup is closed , I would like to display the list of documents, included the newly uploaded one, as soon as the popup closes.

The list of documents are in a web block on the main screen, and its source is an export API which is called in the preparation of the web block.

I cannot seem to get the contents of the web block to refresh without having to refresh the browser for the screen preparation to run.

As a last resort, I have tried to navigate away from the main screen and directly back to it, but not even that worked.

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Enclose the webblock in a container. (Give container a name). Change the button on popup as Ajax submit. Use ajax submit on logic of the popup button and give widget as the container name. Not sure if I am able to explain the solution properly, please revert if you need further clarification on this.



Hi Larissa,

Good day!

Can you share an OML?

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just refreshing the block itself won't do anything, of course.  

You'll have to re-execute a request to the source (some api if I understand correctly from your post)


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If you refresh a webblock with an ajax refresh, the preparation should be executed again, and the data re-fetched.