Not Receiving "CreateorUpdate","Update","Get","Delete" Actions in Entity Action

Not Receiving "CreateorUpdate","Update","Get","Delete" Actions in Entity Action

i am new to the Service Studio 5.1 Can you please tell the answer for below question
i created two table TblUser,TblCountry 1.TblUser ID,Name,Gender,Address,IdCountry 2.TblCountry ID,CountryName
Here TblUser.IdCountry Refers TblCountry.Id
Create the Application then Drag & drop the Entity "TblUser" we get Table record,Search etc.
In this page we have "Preparation" Action, on double click we can see the "Entity Action".For the "TblUser" we have only "CreateTblUser".How to get other action

Welcome to the Agile Network forums.

If you drag n drop an entity to a webscreen, it creates a table record with the entity's attributes. But in the preparation, you'll get a Query node, not a CreateENTITYNAME action, so I'm unsure of where you have the CreateTbluser entity.

A part from this, the "Entity Actions" are a set of APIs to manipulate the entity's records on the database, and as you've gathered, you have the Create, CreateOrUpdate, Update, Delete, Get and GetForUpdate. These actions are automatically created when you create an Entity on your espace, however, the CreateOrUpdate, Update, Get, GetForUpdate and Delete, are onyl available for entity that have a primary identity attribute (usually the ID). 

When this happens, all these actions are available on the action tools tree, under the Entity Actions -> ENTITYNAME section. Your Action Tools tree shows on the left pane when you're editing an action, like the preparation action.

If your entity has no primary key, then, only the Create entity action is available.

More information about the Entity Actions are available at

If doesn't help, place here your espace and detail which action you need to get to the entity actions.


Miguel João