How to check past logs

Hello everyone.

How can I check past logs from Service Center logs?

(In a PaaS environment

Thank you.

Hi Satoshi,

Please take a look on this documentation.

Outsystems has a set of error log tables that has a cycle.

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Hi @satoshi seki ,

It depends:

  1. How old are the logs. 
    1. They are retained no more than 10 weeks but that will depend of environments configurations.
      1. For on-premises they are by default saved 4 weeks. And can be extended till 10.
      2. For OutSystems PaaS they are saved 9 weeks by default.
  2. How are "you" running OutSystems. On-premises or in the PaaS.
    1. If you are in PaaS you can:
      1. Use something like MonitorProbe Forge tool:
      2. Or request access to DBMS OutSystems.
    2. If you are on-premises. You can:
      1. Also use MonitorProbe Forge tool:
      2. Ask your DBA or who manage the DBMS to provide you access.
  3. The volume of data that you want to access.
  4. If you access the logs to 3rd party tool.

For the last 2 points check how we propose our customer do it with a tool like Elastic -

Hope this helps,


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