And we crossed the 10.000 posts barrier!

Hi everyone.

It's a season for celebration all around, and it won't stop - after having released a new Agile Platform version a couple of weeks ago, today we crossed the 10.000 posts barrier.

With many new members joining our community every day, it's no surprise that the 10.000th post belongs to a new member of the community, Devaraj.K , who's still learning his ropes with the Agile Platform.

Here's to the continuation of an active and welcoming community in 2011.

Regards, and Happy Holidays!

Paulo Tavares
Grats I think ;)

and Happy Holidays!


There's reason to be excited about the post quantity - and the future.   I really think you folks are cooking something special.

Pulling for you.   And pulling for me using the tool.    :)