[CKEditor.Reactive] How to use InlineEditing in CKEditor Reactive
Forge component by Fábio Fantato Rodrigues

Hi guys,

I'm using the CKEditor.Reactive component and trying to use the "massive Inline Editing" feature as described here: https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/examples/inline.html

The default component works like a charm only issue is that this feature does not seems to be controllable via the Config parameter itself, so now I'm a bit lost :)

Any help appreciated a lot, Thanks for your time!

In Case someone is running into the same question.

You'll need to open the CKEditor component and modify the script CKEditor at line 40 from

 CKEDITOR.replace(ssInputId, ckConfig); to CKEDITOR.inline(ssInputId, ckConfig);

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