Error registering an environment in LifeTime
Platform Version
11.10.2 (Build 25738)

I am stuck at environment registration in Lifetime due to Certificate error Can you please help me out in regarding this?

I have tried multiple ways as mentioned below but didn’t succeed.

  • Created self signed ssl certificate of DEV ( and installed on dev's and Lifetime's trusted root store
  • Created self signed ssl certificate of LIFETYM ( and installed on Lifetime's and Dev's trusted root store.
  • and Added certificate to trusted root store on DEV & Lifetime environment by following Thread .

Is there any issue If we connect environment with IP Address. I am not using domain name to connect on on Prem.


Viral Joshi

Rank: #246

Im am not sysop but even when on premise i believe you can send in a ticket for this kind of issues.