Any items or widgets seem blurry inside of tabs


I see that any text/widget/web block I add into this tab content is blurry for some reason. I have 3 tabs and 2 of them are perfectly fine (only contain forms with inputs, etc) but the third tab contains a list group and it seems really blurry. I have tried adding images and that sort of thing but it is all blurry. It might be worth noting that these tabs are inside a sidebar on the screen.

Does anyone know what the reason for this blurry behaviour could be? I have never seen something like this before, very strange behaviour.


I don't know if it's the same effect that happens to you. We had a mobile application in which the fonts looked bad. This was reported by our internal QA. We went a little crazy to reproduce it. Finally we discovered that connecting the mobile via USB to share screen through Chrome was the problem.

In what scenario the effect is happening to you? In a web simulator or mobile device?

Kind Regards, David.

Hi David,

Thank you for your input. 

Interesting that you mention this, I double checked it on the mobile device and there it seems perfectly fine.

I was viewing it in Chrome Dev Tools (device view). So this is a chrome viewer/emulator issue? 

Were you ever able to resolve the issue in chrome or was it accepted that connecting through USB will cause this issue?

Kind regards,


Yes, it looks like an issue in Chrome Dev Tools. We could not find more information or references to confirm it. :-(

In our case, it worked properly in the mobile devices so our internal QA accepted this supposed issue in the emulator. After all they performed the tests in physical devices (not emulators).

Kind regards, David.

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