[Case Management framework] Case_Delete not in 1.1.2
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Last week I installed version 1.1.2 for the OutTracker Demo. I know version 1.1.1 was created for this, but 1.1.2 had solved 2 issues and was because of that my version to go. 

Is it true that this version does not have the Case_Delete or did I something wrong. 

Also, some of the service actions were gone (don't know what specific anymore because installed 1.1.1 again to test the differences).

The story above confuses me, because it's indeed very helpful for a developer to delete some cases. Because you will keep changing the case. This comes me to my question: What happens to the already created cases if you change the workflow en etc.. Do they work with the old workflow or the new workflow? And in case of the old workflow, wouldn't it be useful to have the Case_Delete action for developers? 


Good morning,

We suspect there may have been some issue with the installation since we didn't remove the Case_Delete action that is available on the CaseServices_API.

Can you please try and reinstall version 1.1.2 and validate?

Best regards,

Paulo Sebastião

I don't know what have happened the last time I installed the 1.1.2 version. I took the same package as last time and now I have no issues with it. I was able to locate the Case_Delete as well. Thanks for answering!

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