[OutSystems Charts] Change colors
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Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.11.0 (Build 27311)

How can I change to colors for a chart? I see the color option but for example I want to add 5 custom colors:

"#e74c3c #2980b9 #27ae60 #f1c40f #8e44ad" 

But this will return black in my application 



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It seems you haven't set colors at all.

Can you send a screenshot of your configuration and data? I've seen a few charts recently so it can be easy to spot.

This is in my Outsystems, If I add one color for example 


The color changes but the whole chart got the same color...

This is the chart with default colors I guess but I want to change the default colors


Ok, the problem is that you are settings multiple colors for the entire chart and that is invalid.

You need to set the color in the DataPoint. In your case, when you set New Candidate's series, you have to also choose the color of such series.

Ok that sounds logic to me but how can I set a color in the datapoint that I want to change?

For example I have this 5 datapoints

This is how they look

Do I need to add a color in the structure or do I need to add the color in an other place? 


Yes, create a new attribute.

Do exactly as you are doing for DataSeriesName.

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