confirmation mail

How to send confirmation mail after payment done 


Hello Pooja.

Can you be more specific on what you are trying to achieve?

To send an email you have to:

1. Configure smtp settings in Service Center
2. create an email layout and fetch actions (it is just like a page)
3. Define the logic to send the email (for instance, after payment is confirmed call the send email action)

What do you have so far and on what part are you having issues?


Hello Pooja.

In addition to Nuno's answer. Also, refer to this link to learn how to send mail from a Web Application

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Hi Pooja,

Is your question the same as this post?

If yes, see if the answer helps you.


I am not receiving any mail after clicking on pay button


You have to be more specific. Maybe you don't have email settings properly configured. Do you have errors on Service Center?

Maybe it is on your code. Can you share the oml?

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