[GTree] Making node name a link and formatting search elements
Forge component by Pedro Neto
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Hi Pedro, 

Great component... super easy to use and looks great.

I made a couple of changes, so I thought I'd share.  If you'd like to include it in 

1) I needed the node name to be a clickable link.  To do this, I added an element to the Node structure named "Relative Link URL".  If that is populated, then the component makes the node name a link.  The component is not aware of the application's UI flow, but a relative link can be passed in that leads to any screen in the application.

2) I found that on mobile browsers or when the browser is narrow, the filter tree, search, and reset buttons became misaligned.  I put them in containers and that seemed to format well in my app.

I've attached my version with IPP removed in case you'd like to consider the changes for the component or if anyone else needs these features.





Hi Phil,

Thank you so much for your feedback, it's a great feeling to know that people are using the component and even better when they find it easy to use :)

I'll add your suggestions to a "backlog" I am maintaining for this component, so that I can include them in the next version. 

I'll also test that in the mobile, as when I built it I only tested in pc screens.

Best Regards,


Great changes! I've been using the checkboxes as links, not ideal. I would like to see this in a future version. Many thanks!

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