?   [   How can I do add new user  since my own screen  ]

Good morning ....

The documentation to me is terrible... in help section I can't found correct answer or the screen doesn't match with actual version (in the forum either appear)....


An example or how do can I to add new users (or delete or modify) since my screen app (without using myaccount.outsystems.com/users    page) ?

I want create a manager o administrator user that can manager the users.... (example verify the users doesn't exist, and add new user)

Very thanks you




The users application is accessible from your outsystems environment. I order to manage users you need to have the User Manager role.

This URL cannot be correct 


If you are using a personal environment the it should be myaccount.outsystemscloud.com

If it is an enterprise license then it should be myaccount.outsystemsenterprise.com

Don't understand why you share an oml. User management is done by default by the Users application provided by the platform.




myaccount.outsystems.com/users  doesn't works, because Myaccount is an example of my real account....

I desire add user WITHOUT USE myaccount.com/users..... the question is about to create users from my app, as I wrote in the initial text


Yeah I get that, my comment is not about the myaccount part, i was talking about the outsystems.com part.

Hi Enrique,

You can use the Createuser action under your Users entity :

You can drag this in your save action and assign the right values to it.


I have used the "createuser" module...

I create user successfull.... but when i tray to login doesn't work....(with simple password like 123456).... I add Encryptpassword but doesn't work...

Please.... really what I must to do for ADD NEW user?



Why not use this link:

But yes Using EncryptPassword is the proper way to set a password via code:

I am just wondering what you actually pass on the CreateUser action, i cannot see from your screen shots.


Hi Enrique

Please provide more detailed information. Such as what is an exact record you passed to the CreateUser action.

And what are GetUserById aggerate stands for? Also, Judge by your Users screenshot, It looks like the user already exists or created successfully.

Kind Regard,


Looking at the image I see at least one issue:

You must use the output of Encrypt Password in the assign so that you save the password into the database.

So, you first call EncryptPassword and after it, you do an assign with:

Variable: GetUserById.List.Current.User.Password
Value: EncryptPassword.EncryptedPassword

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