How do I check the item exist in database, before create row?


How do I check the item doesn't exits in the database before to create new ? That is with the goal avoid duplicates of the same items...

In the picture I show my current job...



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You can use a aggerate to select the data first. Filter: Cargo.S_cargo=S_cargo.

If aggerate's output is not empty, then the record already exists.

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I'm begginer... I don't understand what is AGGERATE... can you tell me where i can download an example, or video tutorial etc... 



Also, recommended you add a unique index as Nuno suggested.

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Please find below sample:

Or, is Cargo a text column?

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It doesn't work.... cuase the question is about ITEM....

If in my table i have


1    uno

2    dos

3    tres

4    cuatro

How do I avoid DUPLICATE ITEMS.... the user can't  ADD newly an item as "tres" ???


Hello Enrique.

You can do the training for free on this site.

Because you are doing a Reactive app, go to the Reactive path:

It has examples for creating forms, validating data and saving to database.

Besides Tom's suggestion, you can also protect the entity against duplicate content by creating a unique index.
But do the training first. It is only 11 hours and will answer your questions.

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