[Ultimate PDF] How to grant UltimatePDF permission to a screen
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How do i make sure UltimatePDF have access to the screen that I need to print to pdf? I've a screen with restricted access and UltimatePDF doesn't work due to this.

Hi cheok,

 you need to provide anonymous access screen  to that screen.


CV sharma

Hi Cheok,

As CV SHARMA wrote, the screen to be print must be anonymous. Nonetheless, you should include some security mechanism to avoid non authorized access. 

A possible approach is to generate a token (you can use the generate GUID action) to be used as screen input. When you need to print the screen, generate a temporary token (save it in an entity created for that purpose) and open the page using that token as input. In the preparation of the screen, check that the token is in the entity and then remove it. This way you will ensure that only requests with valid tokens can access the page.


António Pereira

Isn't it one of the strong points of UltimatePDF that you don't need to make the screens anonymous, but that it reuses your current user session? You just need to make sure your current logged in user has access to the screen. 

Hi Tim,

Good morning!

Kindly refer to this post.

[Ultimate PDF] How to generate PDF for non anonymous web screens ? | OutSystems 

Hope this helps.



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