My Web  App can not open in browser

My web app is not opening in browser. See the error message shotscreen below. Please help 



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Hi Harrison,

Are you building a Traditional Web application? If not, remove the ".aspx" on the end.

Additionally, do you have a screen Sales with no mandatory parameter? (In your URL in the screenshot, you're not passing any parameter).

Alternatively, you can access just with the module name, in your case with: https://profilesconcept.outsystemscloud.com/ProfilesInternationalLtd/

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Hi Harrison,

I tried to access the same page URL in my browser and it's working fine


I would suggest you, clear the browser cache/cookies/history

or else try to access the same page using the incognito window

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam

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Hi Harrison, 

As Benjith's reply mentioned, I also tried and the page is working fine.

Hope it's just a one-time thing. If the issue repeatedly occurs, Please provide more detailed information.

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The issue occurred during the time of outsystem's environment upgrade. At that period, my personal environment was down and the App was not opening in browser. 

After the upgrade, i was only able to logon to my personal environment but my app was still not opening in browser, only showing the error message above.

The  solution

I published the app again on my personal environment and the App started opening again in browser.

Thanks for your prompt responses.