My Web  App can not open in browser

My web app is not opening in browser. See the error message shotscreen below. Please help 




Hi Harrison,

Are you building a Traditional Web application? If not, remove the ".aspx" on the end.

Additionally, do you have a screen Sales with no mandatory parameter? (In your URL in the screenshot, you're not passing any parameter).

Alternatively, you can access just with the module name, in your case with:

Kind Regards,


Hi Harrison,

I tried to access the same page URL in my browser and it's working fine

I would suggest you, clear the browser cache/cookies/history

or else try to access the same page using the incognito window

Hope this helps you!

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Hi Harrison, 

As Benjith's reply mentioned, I also tried and the page is working fine.

Hope it's just a one-time thing. If the issue repeatedly occurs, Please provide more detailed information.

Kind Regards,

The issue occurred during the time of outsystem's environment upgrade. At that period, my personal environment was down and the App was not opening in browser. 

After the upgrade, i was only able to logon to my personal environment but my app was still not opening in browser, only showing the error message above.

The  solution

I published the app again on my personal environment and the App started opening again in browser.

Thanks for your prompt responses.

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