Looking to Network with other U.S. Users

I would like to hopefully identify and network with other users in the U.S.  If you're in the U.S., please post here.
Thank you.

Hi Frank - 

I've been working with Outsystems since version 3.1 a number of years ago for a couple companies.  I'm now doing independent consulting services.  I am pretty much as far away from the Northeast as you can be in the US though.  I'm just outside Honolulu.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for checking in.

Frank -

I'm in South Carolina.

Thanks, Justin.

Ok, we have an all-star team of 3 in the U.S.    :)

No place to go but -  Up.      :)
I think I'm the only one from Australia :)
I'm pretty sure there are others out there, but maybe dont read the fourums regularly.  I know of one in Atlanta, and a couple in Tulsa.

I hope they check in.
Cmon, folks.  Many are back at it now after Christmas.  If you see this, and you're a U.S. user, please check in
so that we can identify ourselves to each other and network.
I am here...

Atlanta, GA

Im a newcomer, but Im here. Im located in Chicago.

Thanks for checking in, folks.   If you are so inclined, tell us how you use or plan to use Agile Platform.      Thanks.

Happy New Year to all.
I'm in Utah.
Arkansas here... New to Outsystems, but 20+ years programming mainly in Clarion (SoftVelocity).

lol... Dan, I was actually thinging of a past collegue that lives in Atlanta, but yes you certainly qualify as well!   I hear the app was released to your users!  Congrats....
Hi, I'll be moving to New Zealand, Auckland next year.
Do you know of any Kiwis using Outsystems?
Joao -

My biggest customer is in Auckland, and is doing very well in the SaaS space with OutSystems!

I am in Australia, QLD

Hi there

I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nice community we have here

What do you say to create a face book group or something like that?


Guys, this is a really cool idea from Rui - Let me know if I can help setting up anything!

You guys could call yourselves the Star Spangled OutSystems Agilists (SSOA) or something like that. :)

Keep the ideas flowing,