Contribute to the 2021 Developer Survey Today

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of the year again! Our annual OutSystems Developer Survey is now live and we want to hear from YOU! We invite you to share your feedback in this years’ survey to help us improve your overall OutSystems experience. 

Whether it's feedback on the platform, forum or User Groups, we want to hear it all - Take the 2021 OutSystems Developer Survey now!

The Developer Survey is one of the ways we gather input about the OutSystems platform and programs from our dev community. With over 1,000 responses from last year’s survey, we hope to continue to gain valuable feedback to help shape future releases. 

In honor of Black History Month, we are partnering with Blacks in Technology Foundation for our annual Developer Survey. For every completed submission, OutSystems will donate $10 USD to Blacks in Technology Foundation (up to $10,000 USD) to help the non-profit continue to propel their members forward in the tech industry.

“The Blacks In Technology Foundation is honored to be partnering with OutSystems. Your contributions will assist in training and upskilling members of our community. I look forward to a continued relationship with OutSystems” 

-- Dennis Schultz, Executive Director

As a “thank you” for participating in our Developer Survey, you will receive a Community badge and be included in a random drawing for free OutSystems certification exam vouchers! (The Community badge and drawing will occur after the survey closes.) The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and will close on Monday, March 15, 2021

Participate in our 2021 Developer Survey now!

Please share this survey with friends and colleagues so we may continue to hear from the community. 

We thank you in advance for your time and support in helping us improve the OutSystems experience!

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Done, Good survey.

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Hi Cat ,

What is expected in "Profiling" section of survey?



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Hi @Pramod Jain

Sending you a DM to understand further which questions you're referring to in the survey. 



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Thank you for the survey , it help us to improve more in outsystems

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Thanks, Submitted the survey 

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Submitted the survey  

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Liked the survey, its very detailed and with  perfect aligned questions, thanks

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Excellent survey.

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Hi Cat,

I have submitted my feedback for OutSystems annual Developer Survey and hope that my submission will help Blacks in Technology Foundation to get $10 USD.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


Hi @Cat Martinez ,

I submitted the survey but still didn't get Community badge or any notify. Pls help me to check it.

Nguyen Dung

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Hi! You'll receive the badge after the survey closes in March. I'll make sure to update the post to state that.



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Completed =)