Unable to install platform ver 5.1 on laptop running Windows Server 7

Unable to install platform ver 5.1 on laptop running Windows Server 7

I have been trying to install community edition of platform server on my laptop running Windows Server 7. When doing, I am geting error message saying WMI service is not running. I have checked the services - and it is very much running. RPC service on which WMI depends is also running fine, but I am still not able to install. Any ideas?
Hi Raj,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
I have already forwarded your issue to the OutSystems technical support and they will contact you directly to handle it.

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Daniel Lourenço
I tried installing on my windows 7 as well. Installation freezes right after I accept terms and say install. Is this an indication of the products overall stability?
Hi Raj,

Do you have SQL server installed? If not, can you install this one: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2005/en/us/express.aspx

The Community edition tries to install its dependencies to avoid our users the work of gathering all components by themselves. Sometimes one of the dependencies fails, in this case I think you have a problem on the SQL server installation.

Let me know how this goes and we'll try to figure out what to do next.

José Caldeira
Hi Pugazendhi Asaimuthu,

I haven't heard of anything like that before so I can't help you here, but I suggest you contact our support team to check your problem. Send them your OS information and as many details of the installation problem you are experiencing and they'll try to help you.
Send them details like:
  • The problem happens at the beginning of the installation.
  • Attachment with installation logs located inside "Program Files\OutSystems\Installer"

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José Caldeira
The problem has been fixed. I already had a freshly installed instance of SQL Server Express (successfully) before trying to install Platform server, so it was not due to that issue.

My laptop running Windows7 connects to the LAN when I am in office., and the admin user on the local machine does not have full set of administrator privileges even if so set up. I dont quite understand this, but found many people have struggled and suffered with this trap in Windows7.  Windows7 has a "hidden administrator"... refer http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7security/thread/1fd4199a-1bee-44a4-93ca-132345495ca3

If you can enbale this "hidden administrator" then the problem is solved.

On that note wanted to acknowledge Agilenetwork's product is simply fantastic, out of the world, and light years ahead of competition. I don't think there is any one that comes close in concept, ease of use, and enabling true agility. I am sure if it is promoted well, we should see many customers insisting that their development vendors use it!

Wishing the entire team at OutSystems and members of this community a Very Happy New Year!

I'm glad to hear that you could fix your problem, and thanks for sharing the solution with the community. It's always a pleasure to see users so happy with the Agile Platform as you are, thanks for your feedback.

In name of the team have a Happy New Year!! (with lots of drag and drop =)),
José Caldeira