Warning Message in Aggregate

Hello All,

i have aggregate in Reactive the below entities and the below warning message is displayed. 

Can you advise/guide me why this message is displayed and which actions should be taken?

Thanks & Regards,



Hi George,

You have this warning because you are not using this entity in any of your joins.

Usually you use the entities in a INNER JOIN (With in OutSystems) or LEFT JOIN (With or Without in OutSystems).

If no Join is established, then it will be a FULL JOIN like the warning mentions.

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Hi George

As the message indicated, you didn't join the Money Entity.

Please join the Money Entity properly

Kind Regards,


Hello George.

Do you need Money in your query? If not, you can simply remove it.

If you do need Money, then check its attributes so it can be automatically joined with the remaining entities. Maybe Services needs a MoneyId?
(from the names I can't make sense of what you are trying to achieve)

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