Opening a screen in service studio is very slow
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.9 (Build 38644)
Platform Version
11.11.0 (Build 27311)

I have a screen A (reactive application, UI module) in service studio which contains 100s of input control (can't avoid it because of the use case)

It approximately takes 45 seconds every time when I try to open the screen in design time (service studio)

I have other smaller size screen within the same module. I don't experience the same issue there.

Opening this espace module also takes time (around 40 seconds) but its not a bigger problem for me since it is one time delay when open the module.

However, while developing whenever I switch to screen A, it makes me (other developers too) to wait for 45 seconds.

I am using service studio 11.10.9 Build 38644

What directly causes the delay in opening the screen in service studio? 

Is there any direct way to fix or speedup the screen loading?

What best practice to follow to reduce the screen opening time?

Hi Arun,

  sometimes service studio depend on your application server performance. Check CPU usage and performance of your application server.


Cv sharma 


You know the answer. Less inputs!

I had a screen with over 700 widgets that froze the Studio every single time. I mean 4 hours to open it and even scroll made it unresponsive for half an hour.

There is a famous workaround. First, you place an unnecessary If around a section of the form. Its condition: True. The inputs go on True branch and a name for the section go on False. Like this.

Then you configure your If to only show the False branch.

The consequence is that now instead of seeing a full form, you only see a text. And the same is valid for Studio so it will load faster.

If you need to see the inputs, just change the show to True and it available for you.

If you split the form is 3 or 4 sections that should do the trick. The loading will be a lot faster (less elements on screen) and because there are so many sections, even if you forget one once in a while, in 10 seconds it will open.

And because the only condition is True for what existed before, False for the label you added, nothing affects the final screen.

Give it a try and say how it works out for you.


Nice, but Nuno, 700 widgets on one screen? I am curious what the use case was.


A Table with webblocks, each with a table with webblocks, each with a table with webblocks... I think it was 3^6 so I rounded to 700.
We even opened a support ticket because the previous team built the page in version 10 and it worked. But the upgrade somehow affected this. And like you said, web blocks should make it better.

I also did something similar in version 7. A single page working offline where you could customize a bar (drinking bar) with several options. The final form was so massive, we couldn't do anything with it.

This sounds interesting let me try this

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