Database creation Link redirects to login page  page

I just started exploring Outsystems.

I created an entity(DB) and dragged it left. 

Then published. 

But the link redirects to login page.

I have only one module.

Oh I just had to login and I got the screen. SOLVED!

Hi Aditya,

 if you do not want to that login screen. you just set below access/Role on your screen.

Hi Aditya Kumar,

Explaining CV SHARMA's reply, every time you want to access a page without going through the login page, you just need to set the Anonymous Rule on the Screen properties, as shown above.

Every time you create a new screen, the Anonymous rule is unchecked by default.

Best regards.

Oh great! I didn't know this anonymous feature ! Thanks all ...cheerios!

But the thing I see is,

After setting "anonymous" when I go to the page and try to do some action , it again redirects to login page.

Probably, in the end of the action flow, you are redirecting to a Screen that needs a registered user. Check the role properties of the destination screen.

Hi @Aditya Kumar 

If you want to navigate across the application without login you need to set all screens as anonymous, as explained by @CV SHARMA 


Gonçalo Almeida

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