Open Outlook tasks by clicking a button


Is there any way to open the Outlook tasks by clicking a button? Much like the mailto, tel and file options.


Hi Max,

You can use 

"mailto:" + email

in the URL attribute of the RedirectToURL OnClick event.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.

Hi Kadu, 

That will just open an email. I want it to create a task. So I can create an item for a to do list. 

Hi Max,

Try this one here:"Title Of the Event"

Change the values as your needs and put it as the External URL of a link. I suggest that you encode the url (there is an OutSystems function for this)

I have made a test here and it works. You can also omitt values if you want.

Hope it helps

Hi Kadu,

What should I add at the location placeholder? This link will then open up the Outlook tasks screen with the correct input parameters, right?

Hi Max,

I have made a quick example, so, some fixes are required, but it is possible to see how it works.

I also found a link that explains the attributes of the outlook link.


I was wondering if creating a component to do it would be a good ideia. So I searched for it and found one. So, if the pure link above wasn't enough, you can try this one:

Add to Calendar

@Kadu Borges Thanks for all the input! I managed to get it working for the calendar items. 

I was actually trying to create a to-do item instead of a calendar item. 

Where the calendar items has its own link that we can use to open and create, I can't find this for the Tasks. Any chance you would happen to know how to do this?

Thanks again for the other input, highly appreciated!

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