How to set the time limit for rollback of a version? 

Suppose I want to roll back to a  180 days old version. How do I do this setting


Hi Aditya,

If you're referring to a module code version, you can do it in Service Studio in Open other Version... under Module:

You can then open a previous version from the date you want:


If you are referring to rollback not only the code but also the data of your factory, you'll need to restore a database backup.

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No...I meant that if I the setting is for 30 days maximum for rollback. 

How do I change it ? e.g. to 180 or 200  days ?


Hi Aditya,

I still don't understand if you mean rollback a module or your factory, perhaps a bit more context would be more helpful to the community to understand your problem and better assist you.

If it's for modules, you can use for instance DBCleaner On Steroids forge component and configure the timer to clean module versions that are over a given threshold (180 days, 200, etc.)

If you mean factory rollback, it's about setting up your DB backups policy.

I mean suppose in our service center , we have a limitation that we cannot revert to/republish  a version of our code more than 30 days old.  But I want to change this setting and be able to revert to/republish a code that I made 180 days ago. How do I do this or is it possible?

Hi @Aditya Kumar 

For now, what is possible is you go to servicecenter and choose the time that you want to delete old versions. There is no configuration to set the time that we want to maintain the old versions

Hope helps you


Gonçalo Almeida

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