Model is not defined (error in reactive app using the DropdownTags widget)
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.10 (Build 38781)
Platform Version
11.10.0 (Build 22910)

I have a reactive app on my personal environment, which is a back office to maintain recipe data where you can add an image, the recipe ingredients and tags. For the tags I use the DropdownTags widget.

The on change handler calls a service action which is referenced from a Core Service module called Recipe_CS.

The service action first deletes the assigned tags from a many-to-many entity where RecipeId = the recipe I'm editing. Secondly it inserts new records based on the DropdownTags CurrentList. This 2 step logic allows users to both add and delete tags and they get saved in Recipe_CS on every change, without needing to click any save button.

When I add a tag to a recipe, I get the following error message: 'Recipe_CSModel is not defined'

Thanks for helping me out !


I'm adding service center error details below:

ReferenceError: Recipe_CSModel is not defined
    at https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice.MainFlow.RecipeTags.mvc.js?eUEl4PVPUF_oO6rCd0xnVw:363:184
    at d (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:2:12015)
    at f (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:2:11761)
    at Object.m [as executeAsyncFlow] (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:2:12545)
    at Controller._dropdownTagsOnChange$Action (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice.MainFlow.RecipeTags.mvc.js?eUEl4PVPUF_oO6rCd0xnVw:353:16)
    at https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:15:15578
    at d (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:2:12015)
    at f (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:2:11761)
    at Object.p [as tryCatchFinally] (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:2:12264)
at Controller.t.safeExecuteClientAction (https://wimdemaeyer.outsystemscloud.com/HouseHoldNinjaBackOffice/scripts/OutSystems.js?5nDbdRKHkFGAjYmzYfZYrQ:15:15542)

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Hi Wim,

This shouldn't happen. I'd advise you to open a support ticket with OutSystems.

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Hello @Wim Theo M De Maeyer 

I already face that issue. I don't know why but the issue occurred both in Webblocks and a Screen.

I solved it in the Webblocks by copying the screen actions, aggregates, and Forms, etc. to a new webblock, and replace the old webblock.

Hope this can helps.


Gonçalo Almeida