Real world use of Agile Platform Services

Real world use of Agile Platform Services

While I'm extremely interested in all the Agile Platform functionality, I'm especially interested in hearing of real world scenarios
using the Services.  

We do a great deal of web service development.   Specifically, WCF services.   If we can reduce the complexity - and time - of that development with this,
it would be extraordinary.

Anyone have any cases to share?
Hi Frank,

Take a look into and
Each case study has an Integrations section on the sidebar on the right.

Tiago Simões

Frank -

I'd be glad to share my experiences with you as well... developing a paid, SaaS application, currently in a public beta. :) I've got tons of time this week for a phone call if you'd like.

Thanks to both of you.   Very much appreciated.

Note though, that while any real world cases are of interest, in this thread I'm specifically looking for cases where significant Web Services
were built with AP.   One of the key drivers of my eval is to see if it is feasible to replace a set of legacy, large WCF services with
a lower code, lower-cost-of-ownership approach via AP.