How and when to use the Case Rules Engine?

Hello everyone,

Currently I am working on a project for which I want to implement business rules.
I implemented a proces within the case management framework and exploring the options to use the case rules engine. However i cannot find documentation on it, so I do not know whether it is useful for my situation and how to implement it.

The situation is as follows:

- An employee sends a form (case) to a client with information that must be filled in.
- Based on the information the client fills in I want to check the business rules that are triggered. This could be that the input is higher than a certain treshold (which must be configurable by the employee).
- The employee should then see the filled in form with an overview next to it of all the business rules and whether they are triggered or not. Based on this information the employee can decide to ask for feedback or to accept it.
- In the future the proces might need to automatically continue if no business rules are triggered, but for now the employee always has to see the form.

Does anyone have some advice or is there a demo app in the forge that I can look at?

Thank you!

Hi @Maud van Paassen,

Hope you are safe and doing good!

Could you please refer this link and see if you get answers for your queries related to case management?

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