Debug not working


I'm trying start "Debug" of a "module producers" and the "entry point" is an "module consumers", but the "debug" not start. The Communication through of "Server Actions" . Each module is set service.

Hey Saulo,

Is the debugger working within same module?

Yes! Is working in any other module.

He is work in the module above. For example, the module backoffice(cosumer) and core(producer), is work. But, the module below the core, let's call it core2(producer) is consumed for core(consumer).

Backoffice -> Core -> Core2

The modules Core and Core2 is set service.

A module defined as a service, can consume from another module that is also defined as a service. It works, however the debug that is not being started.

Hi Saulo,

Go to Edit->Preferences->Check Use one connection per request in debugger. 

Please try this for the consumer module where debugger is not working.


I have done.


You gave an example above of 3 modules:

BackOffice, Core and Core2.

May I know which module are you not able to debug and what’s the entry module for that?

Module not able to debug: Core2

Entry Module: Core

Hi Saulo,

It seems you are trying to debug a producer module 2 level deeper


In that case you have to create a temporary dependency between BackOffice and Core2 module and then put a breakpoint in Core2 module and make entry module as BackOffice.


It worked.

Thank you!

Great to hear that. 

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