How can i reset the search value in a dropdown search?
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Service Studio Version
11.10.11 (Build 38795)

Hello, i need help with this issue, i didn't find a possible solution yet. 

Is there a any form to reset the "search value" in a interaction/dropdown search when I click in other part of the form (outside of it)? 

Example : I want to reset the "search value", because i clicked outside of it, in other part of the form, but the search value remains 

I search "Er" and its ok.

But when i clicked outside of the widget this value "Er" remains.

Is there a way to clear this value each time I clicked outside of the widget?

Hello Mario

You are might using the same id for 2 dom elements. What you can do is to use a class instead of id or just find the elements inside the form. You can also use val('') to reset the value.

$('form select').val('')

If it is not clear, please feel free to share the URL of you form to check and share solution. Please remember to make that public for testing purpose. 

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