Automatic Update of Mobile App

I have concern about adding new plugins to App. I still have to re-install again the app if I will add new plugin. Is there a way that my app would update automatically without re-installing it. Because clients complain about re-installing the app if I will add new plugins.


Hello Joseph,

Adding new plugins does require a new build.

Are these App Store / Play Store apps? If so, they should be able to be updated by normal procedures.

If these are being distributed by you, you can add in a version check capability that directs them to install the updated version when necessary.

We just use the native platform link to distribute the app.


Each time you add, remove, or modify the plugin in an app, OutSystems rebuilds the native shell which you then have to distribute to the end users for installation. 

Check the link for further info:


Gonçalo Almeida

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