[Case Management framework] ActivityList CM based and filtered on due date
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For our case management applications we want to create several ActivityWidgets. One of those widgets is containing all the open activities whereby the due date <= today. We're using the 'Case_GetActivities_Active' server action from the CaseServices_API. Is there a possiblity to configurate and filter the list by due date? Because the SearchFieldList only 'accepts' types from CaseActivityFieldSearchType.


Hi LuukvL,

Thanks for reaching out and for mentioning this.

At the moment, there isn't a standard way of getting the activities filtered by Due Date directly with the API. But, I would expect that unless you're expecting a huge number of items to be filtered, you could filter the results being returned based on the DueDatetime field of the Activity_Details.

We will however take your feedback into consideration as we keep enhancing the CMf and add this use case to a possible use of the search APIs.

Best regards,


Hi Paulo, 

This is the solution that we have now chosen, but to bring everything to the front and filter there, performance-wise not a feasible story. In addition, these API calls are very slow, especially if you want to execute 3 or 4 in parallel. Especially when the numbers of cases and activities are rising, with numbers of users working with the platform. 

BR Luuk


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