How to show a preselect tag on dropdown select in Traditional App?


Please kindly help.

I need several tags to be on the dropdown select by default in traditional web.

How to do it?

Thank you

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Hi Ekaterina,

Check this document with step by step instructions and screenshots, steps 4 and 5.

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Thank you, but it applies only to Mobile Apps and Reactive Web Apps. 

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Sorry, my bad.

In Traditional Web, the list of selected options is defined by the Check property.

So your list of options should have a variable of type Boolean filled with True for the ones selected and False for the ones not selected. You then fill the Check property with that attribute from the list you fill in Source Record List.

You can do this by adding a calculated attribute to your query called IsSelected where you fill it to True or not, depending if you want to have selected.

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Hi Ekaterina 

It depends on the List (that drop Dropdown Select bound)'s settings.

If it has a "Selection Attribute" bound to some aggerate's boolean attribute.

You just need to set the "Check" property to true in reparation.

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