Bar Chart issue in Reactive Outsystems
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I'm getting more values in Y-axis for the bar graph but if I add filter with limit values the counts are coming proper.

No label is shown on Y -axis for the shown bar.

Any idea guys?


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Hi Saksham,

can you share the datapoint values (from debug maybe)

So this will either be a datapoint list, or the result of an aggregate or ???

And what filter are you talking about ?


Kindly refer to the jpg file attached where no label is displayed on Y-axis for "Manufacturing".

I'm directly getting values from aggregates.

I was talking about the aggregate filters like if we filter the record only by Manufacturing label, the label is shown but if we have multiple labels to be shown like more than 40 labels then few Labels are not shown on the bar graph.


Saksham Srivastava.

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Ah, ok.  This might be related to limited space  available.

Is your chart in a div with a height, can you make it larger?  Maybe relate the hight to the number of rows in the query result ? 

Thanks for your response Dorine!

 I already tried to increase the size by making it larger in height and making it wider also but then also labels are not shown.

-Saksham Srivastava

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Kindly find the sample OML file where we are facing this kind of issue.

-Saksham Srivastava


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Hi Saksham,

can you also give the checking_core oml, I can't test as it is, and I don't see really anything wrong so far.