Link not appear for Edit screen

Link not appear for Edit screen

i used the existing login screen and i have two links companynfo & UserInfo in home page.i create the new webpage then drag & drop the entites it generate the list screen.Then i given Link in home page Companyinfo to these list screen.And also i Right click the field in List given the Edit new webpage is generated with edited field.
But i can't Edit the field.It was Enable False.What is the procedure to continue this process 
Hi Devaraj

Your screen as anonymous access granted in permission area, and probably your problem is due to that.

The user you are using in the application isn't logged in and don't have the permissions required to see the link (check the Enable property of the link).

You have two options, the first is to remove the anonymous access from the permissions of the screen and add the necessary privileges to your user in Enterprise Manager (i would go for this one), or you simple clean the Enable property of the link, keeping it available for everyone.

Please send feedback if it helped or not.