Cannot read property 'remove' of undefined


I get this error when exiting a screen when running my mobile app in a browser, I don't get the error in the native mobile apps. Any idea how to resolve? Thanks


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Hi fadi,

Any coredova plug-in  you are using in this page.

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Perhaps you can gather more information in the logs of Service Center (Monitoring tab).

Kind regards, David.

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Hi, attached is the error log, I am not sure if there is a cordova plugin on this page although I do use cordova plugins in the app. Thanks


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Hi. That's a javascript error. 

If you try to execute the app on a device you will face the same issue.

During the execution, when the app executes the MenuLeadMode, is calling some javascript function that is raising this error.


Gonçalo Almeida

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Hi Fadi,

Perhaps you can debug this error using Service Studio (Emulate using Chrome or Android device). Another option is debug the jscript error using Chrome Dev Tools (remote devices) connecting your mobile device via USB.

Kind regards, David.