implementation matomo on the screen


For web applications how to use matomo tracking on the screen.

Hi Ragavan,

Could you please visit the below link and see if you get any help?

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Hi ragavan n,

Regardless of the type of web applications, the easiest way is probably using:

  1. the JavaScript Tracking Client;
  2. the Tracking HTTP API or;
  3. the Image Beacon.

For 1., if you are creating:

  • a Traditional Web application, you can inject JavaScript on your page directly by using an Expression widget with its Escape Content property set to No;
  • a Reactive Web application you will likely want to handle the On Ready event of the Screen or Block and inject the script element to the DOM directly (check here for more info on how to achieve this).

I expect 2. would only work for Traditional Web applications, as it would rely on a server-side integration via REST API, to be performed on the Preparation maybe? But this would pose some concerns as it would block the screen building until the tracking has been performed.

For 3., you can use an Image widget, where the URL is built according to Matomo documentation.

Hope this helps! 

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